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Achieving Biblical Literacy

Welcome to The Word Is Out

A not-for profit organization, The Word Is Out is convinced that no greater need exists in the world than helping people better understand God’s Word. Under the skilled instruction and leadership of its founder and president Dr. Alan Meenan, The Word Is Out offers an inductive method to studying the Bible with no denominational biases or theological presuppositions. Our ministry is committed to giving Christians everywhere the tools and skills they need to gain a thorough understanding of scripture so they can be more effective witnesses for Jesus Christ. The comprehensive approach used by The Word Is Out is guaranteed to give participants a much clearer understanding of the Bible and will find its niche both in the biblically illiterate West as well as the developing world.

Dr. Alan Meenan is without question one of the most effective Bible teachers of our generation. On several occasions his teaching gifts have blessed our graduate students at West Africa Theological Seminary, and as a result they have come away with a greater love for and understanding of the Bible. We believe The Word Is Out needs to go global!”
Dr. Gary Maxey
West Africa Theological Seminary Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa

“The work of this organization is critical and unique. Christians around the world constantly report that their greatest need is training to understand and proclaim the Scriptures well. And I am aware of no other ministry whose aim is to address this most pressing need. The global Church is crying out for such a ministry.”

David R. Bauer, Ph.D.

Ralph Waldo Beeson Professor of Inductive Biblical Studies Dean of the School of Biblical Interpretation 

Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky